Rearing Microleps-Arreasted Development

Kirk Hillier khillier at
Fri Jun 25 10:07:54 EDT 1999

	Hello all,
	I'm currently doing some research on a Grapholita sp. of Tortricid
moth.  Unfortunately I had hoped for my adult moths to emerge some time
ago -MAY.  as it happens, some did emerge from a container with standard
potting soil.  Others which I have been rearing were placed in vermiculte
(fine grade) to help maintain moisture in the rearing chamber.  Since none
of these adults showed any emergence in the last month, I examined the
rearing containers, and found that live pupa are still within.  I am
absolutely positive that the light and temperature regime(degree days)
should have resulted in emergence a verry long time ago.
	For me, the question remains, why are there still live pupa
present which refuse to emerge?  Is this a case of arrested development?
Has anyone encounterd this within other microlep?
	It's been a long time since I've read any papers on rearing
materials and developmental changes (something by wigglesworth was the
last, I believe?).  Any advice?
					Kirk Hillier
					MSc. Candidate
					Agriculture and Agrifood Canada

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