Caterpillar & Gympie-Gympie

Whitehouse nobody at
Mon Jun 28 19:28:41 EDT 1999

Dear Victor,

Definitely not V. itea on stinging tree, but there are a number of
geometrids occuring on stinging tree, and a nymphalid butterfly, Mynes
geffroyi, which has gregarious caterpillars.  M. geffroyi also occurs
in PNG.  It is, BTW, an excellent mimic of some species of pierid
butterfly in the genus Delias.


Dave Britton.

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On 25 Jun 1999 03:13:05 -0700, langprac at (Kuniomi Matsumoto)

>Hi Victor,
>Could it be Vanessa itea (The Australian Admiral)? The larvae eat Urtica
>(Stinging Nettle ).

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