Collecting anything and future nature interest

Doug Yanega dyanega at
Fri Jun 25 20:08:11 EDT 1999

>Let's not pretend that there aren't any collectors out there who don't just
>collect for their own selfish reasons.

What? Like our "friend" in China who keeps trying to sell Leuhdorfia,
Teinopalpus, and Bhutanitis??

There is a difference between someone who loves insects, and someone who
loves making money selling them (how can you beat a job where you can go
out on *public* land, hunt down some bugs, and use them to generate a nice,
tax-free income? Or better yet, pay some ignorant poverty-stricken people
to do it for you, and pay them 1/1000th or less of what you make from their
effort). Can anyone say "The Tragedy of the Commons"?

I don't see why there is such an argument here about this...I don't think
anyone on this list defends commercial exploitation of the sort described
above. Do they?

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