Nancy Ironside nancy.ironside at encode.com
Sat Jun 26 17:15:29 EDT 1999

Last two weekends we have found a lot of webworms in Algonquin Park and on
Manitoulin Island, Ontario. The ones on Manitoulin Island we observed
best.They were on cherry - probably choke cherry. It  was weaving its web-
fun to watch - but it was yellowish orange, and the body was faintly
divided into segments by black lines, and it had a black head. My Peterson
Guide has 7 webworms, but does not describe  the worms, only the moths. Can
anyone tell me what they were?	Incidentally, we also found what we
identified as a pink striped oakworm moth, which was very beautiful, and
laid a lot of little yellow eggs with a pink stripe around them.		Nancy

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