Border Patrol run-ins

Anthony W. Cynor acynor at
Fri Jun 25 20:23:01 EDT 1999

I think you pointed out the difference between the CHP and Border Patrol
(INS?) agents.


Paul Cherubini wrote:
> Like Mark Walker, I've encountered the most trouble with the border patrol in Texas. I
> like to visit the border areas in October when monarch butterflies are passing through into
> Mexico. Agents seeing me wielding my huge 3.5 foot wide butterfly net have been
> reluctant to buy my story that it is solely being used to catch butterflies. They think my
> "butterfly collecting" is a cover for other kinds of activities.  I've had my car inspected for
> drugs and guns and then (like Mark) warned that I should avoid border areas for my own
> personal safety.
> On the positive side, a couple friends had a pleasant encounter with a California highway
> patrol officer along interstate 5 in central California. They were collecting monarchs in a
> milkweed field growing within a freeway cloverleaf (technically state property). The
> officer stopped to inquire, then said "it's my lunch break, can I help?" There was a sight
> to behold - a CHP officer waltzing through a milkweed field with a butterfly net!
> Paul Cherubini

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