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>Subject: US Border Patrol
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>Date: Fri, 25 June 1999 01:05 PM EDT
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>Hola Listers!
>I have been collecting and studying butterflies on the Texas/Mexican border 
>for 15 years and have had numerous encounters with Border Patrol agents.  I 
>must say that all encounters have been cordial and friendly, and on many 
>occaisons they have been quite interested in my work.  I have a very good 
>relationship with these guys and have NEVER had any problems or incidents of 
>harassment.  On one occaison during night operations (blacklighting) on the 
>Rio Grande we had a couple of heavily armed agents (both sporting M-16A2 
>Gov't. Carbines) approach our lights
>my first words to them were "Nice weapons" and they responded by saying "are 
>you guys doing something entomological"?  One of the guys turned out to be a 
>biology major in college and we spent awhile talking about Entomology.  They 
>were mostly concerned for our safety and gave us a number to call if we had 
>any problems.  These guys are law enforcement agents and perception is 
>something that they key in on heavily.  If you look "suspicious" (long-hair, 
>earings, tattoos, etc....) theres a distinct possibility you may have some 
>unpleasant encounters.
>Charlie Sassine
>Corpus Christi, Tx.
I think you just said that they are bigots!


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