US Border Patrol

tana tana8 at
Sat Jun 26 12:36:19 EDT 1999

>>Charlie  wrote:
>>If you look "suspicious" (long-hair,
>>earings, tattoos, etc....) theres a distinct possibility you may have some
>>unpleasant encounters.

S replied:
>I think you just said that they are bigots!

It's a bummer of life but we are sometimes judged on what we look like,
Whether we mean to do it or not, I think alot of us are guilty at one time
or another. In the winter my big black zippered & studded leather jacket
attracts lots of unwanted attention but when people see the sketches on my
lap, the leather disappears into thin air. I've been asked why I wear it if
it is constantly the source of suspicion. It's really old, helps me move
silently and is waterproof and toasty at -20. The few seconds of suspicion
is worth it. These are very nice people but we've been taught that someone
who looks like a biker must be burying drugs in that field instead of
drawing the winter creatures. No harm done at all but it will take a while
for all of us to get rid of some dorky ideas about other people.
Trying not to judge a slug by it's clothing,

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