found injured butterfly...need help!

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Sat Jun 26 22:31:22 EDT 1999

>Subject: found injured butterfly...need help!
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>Date: Sat, 26 June 1999 10:11 PM EDT
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>I found a butterfly on my patio with a deformed wing.  I am not sure if this
>is an injury or a genetic defect, but it cannot fly.
>Should I attempt to sustain its life?  How do I provide food and shelter?
>What would be the most humane action?
>Can anyone help??
Depends on how bad he is, if it can walk around with a lot of energy it could
be kept as a pet for a few weeks.  You must provide an adequate living space
and material to walk on since it cannot fly.  Butterflies have problems with
getting a grip on smooth surfaces.

They can be fed on a sucrose or fructose solution of under 10%.  Many
Nymphalids will feed by themselves but swallowtails often require force
feeding.  Use a small plastic container such as a soda bottle cap to contain
the nectar. Old watermelon works wonders too.

The damage you observe could be due to numerous environmental factors.  

Best Wishes


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