Bhutanitis lidderdalii (For Sale)

Semjase semjase at
Sat Jun 26 22:39:06 EDT 1999

>Subject: Re: Bhutanitis lidderdalii (For Sale)
>From: Neil at (Neil Jones)
>Date: Sat, 26 June 1999 10:47 AM EDT
>Message-id: <930408461snz at>
>In article <199906251444.WAA08343 at>
>            An unidentified person writes:
>> Do anyone interested in Bhutanitis lidderdalii ? A+ quality , only US$120
>per !
>>  with 
>> CITES permit . If you interested in it please E-Mail me at
>Just to warn eveyone again. This sounds suspiciously like some sort
>of crooked deal or scam. 

This could be a sting operation of some kind.  Trying to set up the deal with
this person only leads further into a nebulous situation with no solid ID ever.



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