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Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sun Jun 27 02:55:25 EDT 1999

Mark Walker wrote:
> I thank Alan and Jeri for this contribution.
> I guess the bottom line is - and I probably need to hear this more than
> anyone - if you've nothing to hide, then why tend to be defensive?  Act
> confidently, and respond with honesty, clarity, and surety (didn't we decide
> that this was also the way to deal with the scientific name pronunciation
> quandary?).  The inquirers are likely to benefit from our knowledge - and
> may be genuinely interested in it - once they know who we are.
Well, that's what I thought. 
Now supposing, in a rewrite of the little tale, it had been I who said
"I say, sir, what are you doing here with that net?" 
And you had attempted such a do-gooder bashing ... 
I might have replied, "well, I have on my wall a bronze plaque from the
Audubon Society, and awards for goodness from the Sierra Club, the
Cooperative Extension Service, the local  botanical garden, and I am, I
will have you know, an Honorary Citizen of Coconut Creek.*  Also a
member of the Xerces Society and NABA. Furthermore, I planted these
 Sometimes, my friends, the little lady is a grizzly bear. Just tell her
what you're doing with that net. 

*(I designed a butterfly garden for their city hall. The mockingbirds
were deeply appreciative.)

> > At this point the indignant lady ran away, weeping copiously.**

Or, in my case, beaned him with her umbrella. Never underestimate the
little old lady in tennis shoes. 

> >
> > Sometimes things may not be as they seem......
> >
> > Alan & Jeri Coates
> >
I think we all need to educate the public as much as we can, to the
delightful ways of nature. Show people how catch and release works. Tell
them which schools you have lent parts of your collection to, or run
nature clubs. 
In other words, recruit that indignant lady; don't crush her. 
Anne Kilmer

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