Misc bfly questions

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at infinet.com
Sun Jun 27 16:33:24 EDT 1999

gwang wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Any response to one or more of the following questions would be greatly
> appreciated:
> 1.  When I am labelling a specimen that is ex ovum or ex larva, should I
> put the date that the egg or larva was found, or the date that the adult
> butterfly eclosed/died?
> 2.  Are Monarchs double brooded in Canada?  I've got about 5
> caterpillars ready to pupate right now and there will be more than
> enough time for the resulting adults to give rise to another generation
> of Monarchs.
> 3.  When are black swallowtails generally on the wing in Canada;
> specifically in Winnipeg?
> Thanks in advance,
> Xi Wang

Put all three dates, and identify each date as ex-ovum, ex-larva,
emerged, etc.

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