Collecting anything and future nature interest

Mike Soukup mikayak at
Mon Jun 28 11:02:10 EDT 1999

Ahh, but you prove the point by what you say: "eggers who by their very
actions of making the bird rare increase the value of their collections
and up their status".

These people aren't interested in birds or eggs.  They are interested in
money and status - who happen to do so thru egg collecting.  So, they do
what they can to protect thier "status and money".  There will be
unscrupulous and immoral people in EVERY line of work (hell, one of them
is PRESIDENT in this country NOW!).  

	So, do we punish the 99.9% of moral folks because of a few immoral
ones.  This is the equivalent of putting the law-abiding population in
jail to protect them from the criminals.

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