Collecting anything and future nature interest

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Amen on Clinton.  On my morning walk today I stepped in something which was
easily his moral superior.
Jim Taylor
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> Ahh, but you prove the point by what you say: "eggers who by their very
> actions of making the bird rare increase the value of their collections
> and up their status".
> These people aren't interested in birds or eggs.  They are interested in
> money and status - who happen to do so thru egg collecting.  So, they do
> what they can to protect thier "status and money".  There will be
> unscrupulous and immoral people in EVERY line of work (hell, one of them
> is PRESIDENT in this country NOW!).
> So, do we punish the 99.9% of moral folks because of a few immoral
> ones.  This is the equivalent of putting the law-abiding population in
> jail to protect them from the criminals.
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