Collecting anything and future nature interest

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Date: Monday, June 28, 1999 4:17 PM
Subject: Re: Collecting anything and future nature interest

>Ahh, but you prove the point by what you say: "eggers who by their very
>actions of making the bird rare increase the value of their collections
>and up their status".
>These people aren't interested in birds or eggs.  They are interested in
>money and status

Idon't agree. I feel that a lot of people who collect just need something
tangible to 'compliment' their knowledge and keen interest in the subject.

- who happen to do so thru egg collecting.  So, they do
>what they can to protect thier "status and money".  There will be
>unscrupulous and immoral people in EVERY line of work (hell, one of them
>is PRESIDENT in this country NOW!).

This country ??  I'm in England.

> So, do we punish the 99.9% of moral folks because of a few immoral

It depends on what you regard as moral. I know very few collectors in
England now and those who do collect usually make good use of their

How are you being punished? I read on this news group that one man boasted
that he went to a special site and collected 165 specimens of the same
butterfly in a morning.

I would imagine the people being punished are the ones who went after him to
view them.

 This is the equivalent of putting the law-abiding population in
>jail to protect them from the criminals.

 ....and somebody accused me of a crap comparison.

There is definately a cultural difference in America's collecting
mentality. This type of activity in England is limited to a small amount  of
academics or schoolboys who grow out of it .



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