NABA and butterfly watching

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Mon Jun 28 14:33:53 EDT 1999

To all:
Let me add a "second" to Phil Schappert's comment.
And perhaps we can add a "third" from Roger Tory Peterson, who wrote in the
Foreward to Bob Pyle's 1974 book Watching Washington Butterflies: "It is
fortuitous that Robert Pyle has come on the scene to give us a butterfly book
with a different dimension--one that emphacizes watching instead of collecting.
Butterfly walks may well become a popular new form of group participation."
John Lane, Grass Valley, CA.

Phil Schappert wrote:

> On 18 Jun 1999 23:28:08 -0700, janature at (John Acorn)
> wrote:
> >Speaking of Glassberg's editorial, here's the part that surprised me:
> >"Modern butterflying began in the mid 80's with the switch from nets to
> >binoculars by members of the New York City Butterfly Club."  Perhaps for him
> >it did, but despite the impression he gives, he and his friends did not
> >invent the idea of watching butterflies.  I have always given credit to Bob
> >Pyle for launching "modern butterfly watching," and his books were written
> >before the mid 80's, and originated in Washington state, as far as I know.
> >His writings were my own inspiration, and at the time I had never heard of
> >the New York Butterfly Club.  Perhaps the word "modern" has a peculiar,
> >elitist meaning here, and one that is at the heart of the problem we are
> >discussing.
> Hear, hear! My thoughts exactly...
> Phil
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