Collecting anything and future nature interest

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Wed Jun 30 04:11:48 EDT 1999

Mark Walker wrote in message
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>Andy Harmer wrote:
><some snippage>
>> There is definitely a cultural difference in America's collecting
>> mentality. This type of activity in England is limited to a
>> small amount  of
>> academics or schoolboys who grow out of it .
>Well, then maybe that's the difference after all.  Personally, I found the
>falling back to school boy pleasures to be most rewarding, and far more in
>touch with both nature and reality.  I was becoming a really stuffy, busy,
>arrogant, opinionated, nose-in-the-air, assholic part of the work-a-day
>world.  But then I found me an old friend - a butterfly net - an icon of
>past that was mostly forgotten.  And now I run around the country like a
>school boy, laughing, singing, frolicking, and playing - with occasional
>Yep.  There just might be a cultural difference at work here...

Well I would admit to having loads of fun in the countryside with the flora
and fauna and but the difference is that I don't feel the need to kill


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