Buckeye Butterflies

Kelly Richers kerichers at wasco.k12.ca.us
Mon Nov 8 14:35:50 EST 1999

I dunno, but I caught one at a moth UV/MV light setup on October 13, at 3000 feet elevation on Hooper Hill south of Bodfish, Lake Isabella, Kern County CA.

>>> Dex Hinckley <dhinckley at mindspring.com> 11/06 2:56 PM >>>
While birding at the Occoquan National Wildlife Refuge, 12 miles
south of Washington, DC, this morning ,I saw numerous Buckeyes.
Paul Opler, in his excellent Peterson's Guide  to Eastern Butterflies
says they "cannot survive freezing temperatures in any stage"
but are" excellent colonists."    Two questions: are buckeyes
numerous elsewhere right now?  Can they survive a light frost
(which we have already had in suburban Virginia)?

Thanks in advance for any info!

Dex Hinckley

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