monarch butterfly rescue

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Tue Nov 9 20:49:27 EST 1999

Maybe you could go to your local nursery and get some butterfly bush.

Hope it helps,
Michael S.
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> almost six weeks ago my nine year old niece rescued a monarch from the
> claws of the neighbors cat. its wings are shredded and it cannot fly,
> but daily she picks fresh flowers, sprays them with water and feeds her
> butterfly. she has even taken it out to the garden and let it nourish
> from the plants on calm warm days.   monica monarch, as she is called,
> has developed a personality, has no fear of humans and will immediately
> go to the fresh flowers.  shes really cute, but very pitiful looking
> without her beautiful wings.
> we are overdue for a good frost, which will mean no more fresh flowers,
> does anyone have any suggestions on what my niece can do to prolong the
> longevity of monica?  we know what will eventually happen, but think it
> is amazing that the butterfly is still alive.  any and all suggestions
> will be greatly appreciated.  if you can help, please email me.  thanks.
> i know butterflies like ammonia, can anyone tell me why??

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