The White Patch Dusky Wing?

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Wed Nov 10 11:11:24 EST 1999

Hank & Priscilla Brodkin wrote:

We have two recent reports of White-patched Dusky Wing within a
relatively short distance of each other in Cochise County, Arizona.
On 11/7 one was photographed in Hereford by Stan Lilley - and on 11/8
one was reported to Rich Bailowitz by Sandy Upson. Click on the website
in my sig. file below - and go to NEWS for photos. 
The rabbitbrush is blooming now - and there still has been no freezing
temperatures - so there could be some good stuff around.  Sandy had some
30 species in the area today - per Rich.

My question is rather straight forward, what is the scientific name of the 
"White-patched Dusky Wing." Not being much for common names for this very 
reason, I found the White Patch Skipper (Chiomara asychis), White-Edged 
Dusky-Wing (Erynnis tristis) and White Fringe Dusky-Wing (Erynnis funeralis). 
I cannot find a White Patch Dusky Wing. Which is it?

I should complain about common names. We change scientific names more often 
than I change the oil in my lawn mower!

Leroy C. Koehn
Lake Worth, FL

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