The White Patch Dusky Wing?

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> My question is rather straight forward, what is the scientific name of the
> "White-patched Dusky Wing." Not being much for common names for this very
> reason, I found the White Patch Skipper (Chiomara asychis), White-Edged
> Dusky-Wing (Erynnis tristis) and White Fringe Dusky-Wing (Erynnis funeralis).
> I cannot find a White Patch Dusky Wing. Which is it?

Leroy -
Hello. I enjoyed your talk and traps at the LepSoc meet.
First of all I meant to say White-patched Duskywing (one word) which is
the common name given by Andy Warren who is working with Mexican
Skippers.  He gives it the scientific name of Chiomara georgina.
The NABA common name (I usually try to use these) is White-patched
Skipper - Chiomara asychis.  The one here and in northern Mexico is of
the subspecies georgina which Andy has split as stated above.  Having
been frequently in both Sonora and Tamaulipas this past late summer and
fall I got used to calling it White-patched Duskywing - based on ID
material I was using - which was based on the new Mexican work.
Again - not to whip an old horse - is a plea for some form of conformity
and peer regulation such as the AOU Checklist Committee has done for
And again It would be great if the taxonomists among you discuss the
reasons for name changes - or for name standardization on this Forum.
My apologies for the confusion.

> I should complain about common names. We change scientific names more often
> than I change the oil in my lawn mower!
> Leroy C. Koehn
> Lake Worth, FL

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