Monarch Butterflies

John Lane johnlane at
Fri Nov 19 18:37:42 EST 1999

With regard to monarch butterfly overwintering colony sites on the east bay
shoreline of the San Francisco Bay, I abstracted the following from the
California Natural Diversity Data Base, wherein the California Department of
Fish and Game tracks these sites as a a consequence of the monarch butterfly
being deemed a "sensative species" by the California Legislature.

Albany Hill:  Go to the park at the top of the hill and walk down the
ridge-trail to the south (this will be obvious when you are there).  Clusters
form on the west side not far below the ridge.  Numbers documented: 400 -
3000.  Definitely does not persist throughout the winter every year.

Jack Clark Golf Course, Chuck Corica Golf Complex, N end Oakland Intl.
Airport.  Between 12th and 13th fairways.  Numbers documented: 1200-2000.

San Leandro Golf Course, Marina Golf Course portion, NE side "pro area."  N of
8th fairway.  "Possibly this is the San Leandro site of Cherubini (1983)."
Numbers documented: 850-31,000.

These may be the sites you refer to.  There are a number of other minor sites
on the "east bay."  But one good site you didn't mention can be recommended as
it is on public property, avoids dodging golfers and flying golf balls, and is
(sometimes) interpreted:  Ardenwood Historic Farm, in Fremont (one of the East
Bay Regional Parks).  The cluster site is by the (toy) railroad tracks; park
personel can direct you.  However, be advised this particular winter season
monarch numbers are VERY low.  (In a few years they will rise again.)

Paul Cherubini probably knows alot more about these and other sites, but,
unfortunately, he is apparently unwilling to share his data with the state data

John Lane

Sunsol wrote:

> Where do the Monarch over winter in the Bay Area?  Please be as specific as
> possible so I can find them.  Specifically on the San Leandro Golf course
> (or other golf course), which hole, fairway, tee, green and which direction?
> On Albany Hill which street and which directon?  Thanks.  SUNSOL

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