Jorge Manuel Bizarro bizarro at
Wed Nov 24 07:43:29 EST 1999

Dear fellows

I don't want to stir the fire lighted up between evolucionists and
criacionists, but I do want to point to some philosophical-theological
misconcepts on the issue, wich I believe to be in the origin of a false

If one reads Thomas Aquinas or Aristotle, one may find the assertion
that by definition, in God or the Creator (or Primum Movens in the sense
of Aristotle), there is no such composition in its "being" such as ACT
and POTENCY, tipical of creatural beings. In other words, humans canot
perform many tasks at once, e.g. pin an insect and swim or learn chinese
at the same time, that is one can't ACTUALIZE one's POTENCIALITY at
once, in a single supreme ACT. This means that POTENCY is a kind of
limitation, or IMperfection.

That's not so in the Creator, because of its nature, there is no POTENCY
at all, its  PURE ACT. In other words, he performs everything in a
single, universal, supreme and eternal ACT. He doesn't suffer limitation
due to potenciallity.

This said, what does it imply on the issue? - For God, there is no
distinction between "CREATING" and just keep (or allowing) all things
"GOING ON" ("Providence"), e.g. there is no distinction between the act
upon wich he performed "creation" and the one he uses to keep all things
just "beeing". :  CREATION is still going around!!! and it will do so
eternally, unless someone finds a way to kill God (I mean
Methaphysically, not practically).

Because of this phylosophical INdistiction, Creation and Evolution are
just two faces of the same coin, at least in the mind of God as seen by
our eyes.

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