Eloria noyesi

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Eloria is a neotropical genus of Lymantriidae.  That's all I know at this point.  Take at look at:  http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/GovPubs/cocccp.htm

Tom Eichlin

>>> David Wagner <dwagner at uconnvm.uconn.edu> 11/24/99 12:05pm >>>
I was just contacted by a molecular biologist at Yale who would like to
clone the gene responsible for cocaine resistance in the moth Eloria
noyesi.  Evidently this coca specialist is good-sized moth that eats up to
50 leaves during its lifetime and may severely damage new shoots.  He has
been unable to find any information on this species.  Does anyone know the
family for this insect?  Does anyone have pictures of either the adult or
larva or other information on this bug?
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