Caterpillar Identification Please

Chris Conlan conlan at
Thu Sep 2 20:13:52 EDT 1999

Given your area and description it sounds like the Saturniid (giant
silkmoth) Hyalophora cecropia or ceropia moth.  If you want to be sure go
ahead and send me an image (just me, not the list) and I can confirm.  I'm
away for a few days though so probably won't be able to respond until next

>From: "Scott Stephens" <scott2 at>
>To: leps-l at
>Subject: Caterpillar Identification Please
>Date: Thu, Sep 2, 1999, 1:11 AM

>I found a (giant???) caterpillar around Elgin Illinois that I have never
>seen around this area before. Its around 2" long, 1/2" diameter and has
>pairs of blue and yellow bumps along its length, with tiny hairs or spines
>growing out. It sort of looks like

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