Georgia satyr host plant

Paulette Haywood habitatdesigns at
Mon Sep 6 11:51:11 EDT 1999

Has anyone had experience raising Georgia Satyrs (Neonympha areolata)? I 
recently acquired eggs from a female captured in south Florida. Since most 
sources listed the host as "various sedges", I offered the newly hatched 
caterpillars small sedge plants and they readily accepted them.  After a 
couple of weeks,  about half of the caterpillars inexplicably died.  Others 
appeared to quit eating. Since some sources list grass as the host plant, I 
began to offer grasses along with the sedges.  The remaining three 
caterpillars have all chosen grass and only eat sedge if it is the only 
choice. I estimate that these caterpillars are about half grown now. I am 
curious about what experience others have had.  Has anyone found a larva of 
this species in a natural situation?

Paulette Haywood
Birmingham, AL

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