Monarch Migration Reports Requested

Donald Davis donald.davis at
Tue Sep 7 03:14:53 EDT 1999

Both the Monarch Watch dplex-l discussion group and Journey North will
be monitoring the southward migration of the monarch butterfly, and
would appreciate any reports that can provide.  This data will be used
by thousands of classrooms and students in Canada and the United States.

You are welcomed to send your report to this writer, or register with
the above programs and report directly to the respective program.

Monarchs are emerging at Presqu'ile Provincial Park near Brighton,
Ontario (on the north shore of Lake Ontario) and are also migrating
through the park. Over the past 5 days, I tagged 500 individuals.

I would also appreciate hearing about the abundance of monarchs in
various parts of Canada this summer.

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

donald.davis at

P.S. For those teachers and students wishing to participate in the
Journey South project (send paper monarch butterflies to Mexico and in
the spring, receive a paper monarch butterfly made by other children in
Mexico, U.S.A. or Canada), go to the Journey North site for directions.
These paper monarch butterflies must reach Minnesota by October 1st. One
year, 880 pounds of paper monarchs were received!

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