Overwintering Wood Nymph (Cercyonis pegala) larvae

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at U.Arizona.EDU
Wed Sep 8 23:59:31 EDT 1999


You might try the trick that works well with Speyera larvae, which also
hatch them overwinter without feeding.  Following Sterlin Matton's
suggestions, I have used small wood blocks with an inch or so hole drilled
through the middle and then with fine mesh stapled over the hole.  The
larvae are put inside, and the blocks soaked occasionally in water (water
level below the hole!) to keep the larvae sufficiently humid.  The blocks
are put in the regiferator and kep there for about 1-3 months.  The larvae
are "awoken" by placing them under a bright lamp and also by simulation
with a camel's hair brush.



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