Overwintering Wood Nymph (Cercyonis pegala) larvae

gowiththefro at hair.net gowiththefro at hair.net
Thu Sep 9 21:41:29 EDT 1999

I live in the DFW area...how can I get involved with your group?  Do
you know of any other local entomology groups?

On 8 Sep 1999 20:40:26 -0700, nardoz at earthlink.net (Dale Clark) wrote:

>Does anyone have any experience at overwintering Cercyonis pegala
>larvae?  I've got a bunch of eggs at the moment (which I expect to hatch
>soon) and have never raised this species before.  From what I can find
>out they overwinter as newly emerged larvae without ever having fed. 
>Can anyone point me in the direction of some literature  on the best way
>to keep these guys alive through a north Texas winter.  Or if anyone has
>any personal experience that would be great too.
>Dale Clark
>Dallas County Lepidopterists' Society
>Dallas, TX

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