Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Wed Sep 15 10:03:17 EDT 1999

Zebra longwings  (Heliconius charitonius) are flying ... yesterday I saw
a giant swallowtail (Papilio cresphontes) windsurfing; a fine sight. 
I have a small seagrape down, and a lot of green avocadoes to give away
... most picked ahead of the storm. Come to my talk tomorrow at the
Mounts in West Palm Beach and I'll give you some. 
My brother reports he's fine ... lost power; still has phone. Martha,
you ok? 
Now, you weather shapers, we need to shove this thing out past Hatteras.
Not to mention Gert. 
The tricky part is going to be getting it to hook north after it clears
Hatteras, so it doesn't go grind Ireland. Delicacy and finesse, here. 
Tom Fasulo reports that PestAlert is spending the day in a plastic bag;
it'll be up again tomorrow. 
Thanks for the prayers, wood-knocking, (that would be for elementals;
should help) crossed fingers (I thought that was for elves) and good
wishes. And keep it up. The Force is ecumenical. 
Anne Kilmer
South Florida

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