Wanted: Advice for Rearing *Parasemia plantaginis* (Wood Tiger)

Bruno cues at itsnet.com
Wed Sep 15 17:40:03 EDT 1999

Mike Smith's ideas are good and sensible.
    Another suggestion is to release the larvae in the area the adult was
found if you were planning to do so
anyway after they were reared. You might release them individually in
different locations so that they might have a better chance at survival.
Artiid larvae will find there own shelter for the winter.
    For rearing - wood shavings are also good in the rearing cage on the
bottom. Food plant must be fresh. Most artiid larvae will eat dandelion
leaves. If you buy Romaine Lettuce be sure to wash them off. You don't want
pesticide residue on the foodplant. I believe endive is a good foodplant
also. Provided with food and the right environment some species will
continue feeding through until they pupate.
Hope this helps.

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