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Alan and Jeri Coates wrote:
> We would like to thank you all for your contributions. They have provided a
> great source of interesting inter-marital debate
> The conclusions we have come to are:-
>      All specimens should have at least two labels,
>            The uppermost label must display the fundamental information;
>                Date ( Roman numerals should always be used for the month)
>                Place of capture (Difficult on a world wide basis -  but must be
> as accurate                     and as explicit as is possible, subject to
> available information).
>                Name of recorder
>             The second, and subsequent, labels should display determination
> details,             these should be stacked rarther than replaced.
> We hope these conclusions may provoke further debate but with winter drawing on
> we may need some heavy persuasion to move from our position.
> Regards and yours in debate
> Alan & Jeri Coates

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