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> Hey there's a tropical depression right out in the Gulf; help yourself.
> We don't need it and the Carolinas have declared against it. Tennessee,
> however, claims to be thirsty.

I was fortunate enough to attend school in Hawaii and heard repreated
references to a "tropical wave".
I found that every time I received one it was followed shortly thereafter by
a tropical depression!
but that might have been just me!

> A pity that moderation doesn't seem to be a consideration.
> I hope that, as the waters recede, folks will take plenty of field
> notes.
> Do y'all figure this could be ecologically beneficial? Or is the water
> so polluted that we're worse off in the long run?

I just heard on NPR that it is probably best that there is SO MUCH water in
the East. Believe it or not.
Apparently this dilutes the pollutants and the "extra" doesn't make the
misery much worse - it's already bad enough.
Crop production is often booming the season after events such as this.

Up in MA, we got lucky and it missed us... just a little much needed rain
but, I'm afraid it's getting a little late for leps... a friend told me
yesterday she saw "hundreds" of monarchs
(_Danaus plexippus_) in a field of goldenrod yesterday. Getting in those
last suppers before the big trip!

Not looking forward to a long, bugless winter!


> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida

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