b-fly releases at events

Linda Rogers llrogers at airmail.net
Wed Sep 22 09:05:39 EDT 1999

At 04:08 AM 9/22/1999 GMT, you wrote:
>Jim;  Please pass on to the initial author that butterflies should not be
released in any kind of ceremony, no matter where they are from.  They may
not be native to that particular habitat, or part of Wisconsin, or
whatever.  Both NABA and the Lep Society have been trying very hard to stop
the releasing of butterflies at ceremonies.  It is a well intended but
potentially detrimental
practice.  Mike Smith
Mike: Would you please tell me what evidence you, NABA, Lep Society  base
this recommendation on?  Butterflies are released after being shipped to a
person from a breeder that is permitted by USDA to ship them, only certain
species to certain states/areas.  The permits are required in order to
PREVENT non-native species from being released.  That blows a hole in THAT
part of the opinion. So, please tell me how releases are detrimental and
who determined this from what proven facts.  Linda Rogers

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