b-fly releases at events

Anthony Cynor acynor at fullerton.edu
Wed Sep 22 16:45:50 EDT 1999

They don't have any it is just opinion.


Linda Rogers wrote:

> At 04:08 AM 9/22/1999 GMT, you wrote:
> >Jim;  Please pass on to the initial author that butterflies should not be
> released in any kind of ceremony, no matter where they are from.  They may
> not be native to that particular habitat, or part of Wisconsin, or
> whatever.  Both NABA and the Lep Society have been trying very hard to stop
> the releasing of butterflies at ceremonies.  It is a well intended but
> potentially detrimental
> practice.  Mike Smith
> >
> ----------------------------------
> Mike: Would you please tell me what evidence you, NABA, Lep Society  base
> this recommendation on?  Butterflies are released after being shipped to a
> person from a breeder that is permitted by USDA to ship them, only certain
> species to certain states/areas.  The permits are required in order to
> PREVENT non-native species from being released.  That blows a hole in THAT
> part of the opinion. So, please tell me how releases are detrimental and
> who determined this from what proven facts.  Linda Rogers

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