Whats wrong with this picture.

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>Subject: Whats wrong with this picture.
>From: kriegelr at PILOT.MSU.EDU  (Robert Kriegel)
>Date: Wed, 22 September 1999 09:46 AM EDT
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>Dear Leps-L members,
>Am I crazy (wait -- that's another topic) or is there something in conflict
>with these two statements.
>1.  Both NABA and the Lep Society have been trying very hard to stop the
>releasing of butterflies at ceremonies.  It is a well intended but
>potentially detrimental practice.
>2.  The Department of Entomology at the University of Kansas, for example,
>sells thousands of monarch caterpillars to schools around the eastern half
>of the nation every year. They even sell monarch breeding stock to more
>than half a dozen commercial monarch breeders each spring -- companies who
>in turn breed and sell the butterflies for release at ceremonial or
>memorial events.
>Is there someone on this list from U of K who can confirm or deny #2?  
>As a member of Lep Soc I am very concerned if a university Entomology Dept.
>is involved in the large scale commercial sale of native butterflies.
>Particularly since this practice is in direct conflict with current efforts
>by the two largest Lep societies in the U.S.
>Bob Kriegel  <kriegelr at pilot.msu.edu>
>Dept of Entomology
>Michigan State University
Oh boy;

Are you guys really out of it.  Worry worrry worry, the sky is falling you
know, A piece just fluttered by!


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