Butterfly Breeders-another 2 cents

Ted Ryznar tryznar at mail.cosmosbbs.com
Wed Sep 22 21:19:36 EDT 1999

I rarely give my opinion but I can't help it here. I really have to agree
with Mrs. Fluke.  I think the breeders do far more good than harm.

My family and I are beginners in raising Bflys and moths. We observe them
at our MV light(moths that is) nightly. We raise several different kinds
each year and ,yes god forbid, release them. I know this probably throws
off the official count. However, the amount of knowledge and appreciation
for moths and bflys my kids have gained FAR outweighs the damage to the
official count. We also have given talks at my childrens school and the
wonder and amazement in the childrens eyes is very gratifying. None of the
official counters has ever gone to the schools to tell them about moths and
bflys(to busy counting I guess).

Guys the future existence of moths and bflys is in the hands of the
children. If you show them the amazing things they do, they gain an
appreciation of them. The danger for their existence is in ignorance of
them. I can tell you that 99.9% of the people I talk to(adults included)
have no idea about the life cycle of lepidoptera. They are also the first
ones to spray and kill every little pillar on a plant that they see. Teach
the children and they may save some habitat someday.  Education is the key
to their survival not the official counts.

I have met several VERY helpful and knowledgeable people here (like Mike
Soukup) who help everyone that comes along to gain an understanding of
these wonderful creatures. These people are doing more for the future of
lepidoptera than any college professor I have ever met. They do it for the
love of them and not for grant money.

Oh, by the way. The governments Northern Prairie website lists only about 2
moth species in Venango co. in Pa. I guess the counters havent gotten here
yet since we have counted hundreds. Probably in NY concerned about the
illegal release of Monarchs.

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