Butterflies of the French Antilles

Pierre Zagatti zagatti at versailles.inra.fr
Thu Sep 23 07:44:54 EDT 1999

Dear lep lovers,

I just released the first butterflies, not for my wedding, but  into the
catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles:
Papilionidae and Nymphalidae (incl. Danaids and Heliconids).


OK, OK, it's not really exciting since the fauna of the Lesser Antilles
is very poor.
I tried to keep a fairly good image quality, perhaps some of them are
rather long to load.
Let me know if this causes really problems, I can always reduce the

News: the Pierids are finished, but one species is still missing for
photography (it's Eurema elathea, if anybody wants to give us
images of both sides of both sexes...).
The Noctuidae Ophiderinae will appear soon, I just have to mount (and
picture) genitalia. Their names have been included in the index,
but the links don't work (a lot of work, 68 species mean more than 300
entries in the index).

I expect some problems with the Lycaenids and skippers, because some
species are really uncommon.

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