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Fri Sep 24 04:09:23 EDT 1999

In case there are some UK people (or others who might be interested)
on Leps-L who don't know, there have been two lists specifially
devoted to lepidoptera of the United Kingdom up and running since the
beginning of June. One is called uk-leps and the other ukmoths (the
lists started independently of each other without the list owners
knowing of the other, but after consultation with the membership the
lists are to remain separate for the time being). All previous
postings to the lists can easily be viewed at the respective web

Uk-leps covers moths and butterflies of the United Kingdom and
currently has 51 members. Ukmoths - covers just moths(!) (macros and
micros) and has 40 members (many belong to both lists). To subscribe
to either go to the following urls: 

"This list is dedicated to Moths and Butterflies of the British
Isles, and for sightings information, and butterfly and moth sites.
Maybe with a view to a field trip meetings once and a while. saying
that all are welcome."

For ukmoths:

You should be able to go straight to:

If not:

Go into Under "Join an eGroup" click on "Full
Directory" then "Nature & Environment"  then  "Aninmals and Pets",
then Insects & Arachnids" ,  then on "UK moths"  ......

Kind regards

Nick Greatorex-Davies

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