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In message <37EA68BF.CAFE0062 at gate.net> Anne Kilmer writes:
> The reason that there are strict laws about transporting and releasing
> butterflies in the U.S. is that we demanded them, planned them with the
> USDA and discussed their application. Paul Cherubini will recall, for
> instance, the summer when he provided The Butterfly Guy with wild-caught
> Texas butterflies to release ... was it in Washington State on July 4? 
> That move, objected to by many subscribers to this list, triggered a
> revision of the federal laws. 
>  Cheers
> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida

Well Well, It was Mr Cherubini involved with this as well?

" The Butterfly Guy" aka Hans Schnauber is a familiar figure of fun
in serious US lepidoptera circles. He has set up a business front
organisation called "The International Federation of Butterfly Enthusiasts".
The name is to my mind ludicrously grandiose but is, according to my
contacts in the US  characteristic of its founder. This is the guy who
was mentioned in the press as a "Cybersquatter". You may find a picture
of the founder on their web site complete with halo effect.  
Just to describe this guy further her is one of his postings promoting
his IFBE.
 hans at tatoosh.com Date:           1997/12/10
Forums: misc.activism.militia 

Check this guy's web site out on butterflies.  He's the same
guy that went against the government establishment and won
a major victory for individual rights.  He releases a mass
amount of butterflies everywhere he goes.



All of this creates in my mind a ludicrous picture of the United Nations
launching its invasion! Only to be confronted by the Butterfly Militia
with their secret weapon! Thousands of Mr Cherubini's wild caught
monarchs released into the sky to confuse the pilots
of the Black Helicopters. Down below the IFBE troops are 
a-shootin' and a-blastin' those pesky varmint helicopters outa the sky!

Seriously though folks. As Lepidopterists we should ALL be concerned 
about the nuts in our ranks. It is often difficult to get people
to take us seriously. The famous example is here in the UK where
Lady Glanville (after whom Glanville Fritillary is named) had 
her will contested by relatives on the grounds that her interest
in butterflies was proof of insanity!

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