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Neil Jones Neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 26 09:08:25 EDT 1999

In message <37ECE740.C66B9A1D at sympatico.ca> RENE BOUTIN writes:
> is this the same Neil Jones who viciously attacked some poor Mr. Kruse
> when I first started with the internet thing
> Rene Boutin

The short answer is that I am not aware of any "vicious attacks" made
by me against any one called Kruse. Indeed I am only aware of one 
Kruse on the list and whilst our opinions may differ I don't believe
that your description is accurate. I think it likely that you are
confused and are thinking of soemeone else.

This illustrates a useful point. I find it necessary to be rather
blunt when saying things because a lot of people here are not paying
attention properly. I do not hesitate in exposing unscrupuous individuals
when I find them. For example the Chinese person hiding behind a 
veil of pseudonyms and spamming this group with ads for goods
of dubious legality. 

Some people seem to have a very poor grasp of what it going on.
For example some people will remember a guy on the list who
was posting reams of nonsense about being persecuted by the government a 
few years ago. He posted crude vitriol against all those who opposed
his views. In my case it was implied that I believed in witchcraft and
that I had sex with animals! The person who started of the original
leps-l before it moved to Yale was also attacked and eventually
told him to take his paranoid delusions elsewhere.
This chap was obviously psychotic. I am using the word in its medical
sense. It was glaringly obvious in the strongest sense of the words.
Yet some people took him seriously!!!. One person even criticised me
for not including his deluded rantings in my collecting debate FAQ and
this was an academic!

It never ceases to amaze me how naive people on this list can be!

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