Convolvulus Hawk Moths (Agrius convolvuli) in UK

Nick Greatorex-Davies NGD at
Mon Sep 27 12:22:17 EDT 1999

I heard today of "lot's" being seen in south-west Scotland. Several
recorded in various moth traps and two brought in by one cat! Another
was recorded locally to me in somebodies flat in Cambridge, (England).
None in my trap - yet!

Nick Greatorex-Davies

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>In addition to this one I would like to report a capture on 10.9.99
in North
>Wales using a MV light trap.
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>> Convolvulus Hawk-moths taken at mercury vapour light in my garden
>> overlooking the sea on the Lizard in Cornwall on the 11th and
>> Robin Howard
>> Walter Schvn wrote in message
<7red77$olu$1 at>...
>> >Hello,
>> >
>> >I had a Convolvulus Hawk-moth last Thursday at  evening
>> (Oenothera
>> >biennis) in my garden !
>> >
>> >Walter Schoen
>> > 

My first posting to the group!
A friend was brought one for identification on 22/9, which
had been found in a private garage in Stamford, Lincs.
Our local entomolgist recorder took photograhs and logged
it for the Natural History Society's records.

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