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Mon Sep 27 13:55:45 EDT 1999

Bruce wrote:

"Animal mtDNA contains around 17-23 genes which are not found in the
nucleus. mtDNA does provide information on rates of gene exchange, but
there are also examples of discordance between mtDNA and nuclear exchange
rates, because mtDNA is only passed on through female lineages.  Strong
sex-specific differences in migration could thus create different patterns
(this is seen on some rodents on islands).  However, give that the
sex-ratio of monarchs in the roosting sites seems to be approximately
50-50, mtDNA should provide a good picture of gene exchange, and certainly
provides a good picture of the rates of female migration."

Although you state clearly that mtDNA does in fact provide a good picture
of gene exchange, are there any "cutting edge" new studies available now
that could provide a better picture of gene exchange?  If so, how much more
effectively could conclusions be made than the previous studies done by
Andy Brower?


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