leaf litter leps

Karen Grubb kgrubb2 at wvu.edu
Mon Sep 27 13:56:04 EDT 1999

I am currently working with several species of Idia and Zanclognatha
(Lepidoptera: Hermaniinae) that feed in the leaf litter as larvae.  I have
collected, reared and mated them successfully and will be attempting to
overwinter the partially grown caterpillars. I am having difficulty finding
literature or studies done with leaf litter feeding leps to use for a
literature review for my master's proposal.  If anyone knows anything about
these insects, or knows of any resources that I could check, I would
greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thank you in advance.    
Karen J. Grubb
Graduate Research Assistant
Plant and Soil Sci./ Entomology
West Virginia University
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