Sense and sensibility (in science)

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Once again, Bruce, you are right on.  I too have begun to hit the delete key
when the posting begins with a ranting of name calling.  Thanks for trying
to bring this list back to a place where theory and statements can be
legitimately questioned without exposing that person to a slew of personal
attacks.  I for one, wish to learn, discuss and challenge without it getting

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I'm concerned about the increasingly personal nature of some of the
discussions on this group.  Science, like any other human enterprise, has a
strong personal side, but we should take great pains to avoid personal

The focus of debates on scientific issues should be on facts and theories
(and the facts that support, or detract from a particular theory).  When
personal attacks occur (i.e., you are obviously xxx or yyy), as a
scientist, you force me to almost completely discount your viewpoint.  This
for individuals on BOTH sides of the current release debate.

Science is not about liking people --- some of the scientists for whom I
have the highest respect are individuals that I personally dislike. 
Likewise, there are scientists that I truly enjoy on a personal level but
quality of science is very poor. 

Just some more random thoughts from an evil, greedy, self-centered,
morally irresponsible, and value-free scientist.



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