Butterfly Names

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Why should there be a "standard list"? NABA has a reason for THEIR purposes
"communication with the general public", and although I disagree with the
approach I agree with the purpose. I have no idea why the Lep. Soc.
executive has declined to establish a scientific names committee, but I
agree with the decision because I do not see how it would assist the Lep.
Society achieve its mandate.

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>Agreed. Only people continuing the dialogue and working together will
>improve the situation over time. There is no quick fix nor black box
>algorithm that will give us "the answer"-- I think Moses has retired and
>away his tablets :-) .  Nothing wrong with some vigorous debate to start
>building consensus -- it is unavoidable anyway.
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> I think that is an excellent recommendation and I agree
> Felix Sperling
>>My recommended solution. Stop arguing about committees and start working
>>together for the future. Disband both committees and ask the
>>Society to form by appointment (or vote) a joint Scientific Names
>>Committee with
>>a membership agreeable to both organizations.
>>What do you think???
>>Don Lafontaine, Curator
>>Canadian National Collection
>>Lepidoptera Section

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