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Sun Apr 2 04:20:15 EDT 2000

-->REsponse to Guppy:
>Why should there be a "standard list"? NABA has a reason for THEIR purposes
>"communication with the general public", and although I disagree with the
>approach I agree with the purpose. I have no idea why the Lep. Soc.
>executive has declined to establish a scientific names committee, but I
>agree with the decision because I do not see how it would assist the Lep.
>Society achieve its mandate.

-->Because NABA now publishes the annual butterfly count, which was based
previously on scientific names!

INresponse to your comments:
 Each checklist forms the basis for individual taxonomic views, because the
author(s) have EARNED the respect by carrying out a very tedious and
diffiicult task to the best of their ability....

this sounds good to me... to NABA committee (including Felix) - what about
the Scientific names committee?

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