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>  I like the approach used in Higgins & Riley, 1970 "A Field Guide to the
Butterflies of Britain and Europe" LCCN 76-120836. 
>A typical name entry is -
>- - - - -
>F: Le Vulcain  Sw: Amiral  G: Admiral  Sp: Numerada
>- - - - -
>Surely we can do something similar to accommodate linguistic and local
usage in North America?
>At 09:21  2/04/00 +0100, you wrote:
>>IN regard to this comment from Chris:
>>>  Thanks for your clarifying points. This is the way I thought it was. As
>>>Canadians, Mexicans and others know well, US organizations tend to ignore
>>>other cultural groups and come up with some fantastic constructs. That
>>>would not be possible in Europe. Perhaps we Americans can learn to be a
>>>little more cosmopolitan.
>>Well at somepoint I thought along the same lines, but at a recent Lep. Soc.
>>meeting, when I thought local lists were somehow rectified to an
>>international list committee, I found out that  any international list is
>>really based on "local" experts (makes sense). It just happens that the US
>>is out of proportion to Canada and Mexico, for one thing, versus countries
>>in Europe, so don't take it too "personally" - like there's some
>>unconscious bias there, or anything - I don't really think so. They are
>>just really trying to sort out what's "local", not to ignore input from
>>Mexico or Canada, are they?
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