Swallowtails in Cyprus - Luc Manil

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Mon Apr 3 03:55:45 EDT 2000

Luc Manil is now in France and you can join him at :
          Luc.Manil at wanadoo.fr

Pierre Schmit

> Subject: Re: Swallowtails in Cyprus - Luc Manil
> Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2000 19:29:08 +0100
> From: "Rob Parker" <robparker at waitrose.com>
> To: leps-l at lists.yale.edu
> I'm new to this news group, but my subject is Butterflies of Cyprus, and I
> am trying to re-establish contact with Luc Manil, who wrote "Les
> Rhopaloceres de Chypre"(with a little help from Rony Leestmans and myself),
> published in Linneana Belgica XII 1990. Can anyone help by telling me if Luc
> is on the internet, or how I might find him? HELP PLEASE.    Rob Parker.
> Does The Belgian Entomological Society have a website?
> PS
> A Cyprus Bird site now carries a page listing butterflies found in Cyprus.
> Try searching northcyprusbirds and then hit other wildlife. Much easier than
> finding Swallowtails at Catford Fen in Norfolk, Danny.
> Danny <thewalruswasdanny at totalise.co.uk> wrote in message
> news:38e39b5b.0 at news2.cluster1.telinco.net...
> > Went on Holiday to Cyprus, millions, well a lot of swallowtails abounded,
> > god they were too. Does anybody know where I can check 'em out in the ole
> > UK?
> >
> > Danny
> >
> >

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