Fwd: Re: Butterfly Names

Kelly Richers kerichers at wasco.k12.ca.us
Mon Apr 3 11:38:07 EDT 2000

I approve wholeheartedly, Don.  

>>> Felix Sperling <Felix.Sperling at ualberta.ca> 03/31/00 03:15PM >>>
	I think that is an excellent recommendation and I agree

	Felix Sperling

>My recommended solution. Stop arguing about committees and start working
>together for the future. Disband both committees and ask the Lepidoperists'
>Society to form by appointment (or vote) a joint Scientific Names 
>Committee with
>a membership agreeable to both organizations.
>What do you think???
>Don Lafontaine, Curator
>Canadian National Collection
>Lepidoptera Section

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