Butterfly book and supplies info needed...

Clark cthomp1 at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 4 00:36:56 EDT 2000

The Paul Smart book you are looking for is actually titled, "The Illustrated
Encyclopedia of the Butterfly World"

Originally published by Salamander Books Limited, London, 1975.

Also published by Crescent Books, New York, 1989, ISBN 0-517-679728

If you can't find it I suggest you place a classified ad on this site:

'A place to buy, sell, trade entomological specimens and related items.'

or this site:

Entomology Discussion Groups

For the entomological supplies you are looking for, my favorite company is
http://www.bioqup.com. They also may be able to locate that book for you.
Ask for Chris. Tell him I sent ya.

Good luck!
- Clark Thompson
Upland, CA

Randy Minnehan <minnehan at infinet.com> wrote in message
news:38E25A73.1B0156D0 at infinet.com...
> Hi everyone,
>    I am a elementary school teacher (Grade 4), and I'm looking for a few
> things for my classroom, getting ready for an in-depth exploration of
> butterflies by my students.  This is a wonderful age for engaging
> students and creating live-long interest in science.  First, I'm looking
> for a book... I was told the "bible" of professional leps is BUTTERFLIES
> OF THE WORLD by Paul Smarts.  Is this true?  I cannot seem to find any
> information on it... I guess it's out-of-print, but I cannot locate a
> copy anywhere.  Anyone know where I might be able to find a new or used
> copy of this book?  Can you suggest any other excellent butterfly books
> I might look for?  I'm not looking for books geared towards younger
> students, I'm just looking for the best reference sources available.
>    Also, I'm looking for supplies... butterfly nets, mounting boards,
> the works.  Can someone direct me to a good source, preferably with a
> web page?  Any suggestions where to locate inexpensive yet excellent
> sources for finished, prepared butterfly mounts?
>    Any help or direction would be appreciated!
>    Thanks!
>    R. Minnehan

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